Hi, I’m Rev. Jake Hofmeister. I’m a Presbyterian Church (USA) minister and hospital chaplain at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital from Christiansburg, VA.  In today’s USA, I see a lack of awareness of religious diversity and a deficit of genuine interfaith interaction/relationships.  My solution is the 50 Faiths 50 States project where I will ride my motorcycle to a unique religious/non-religious community in all 50 States in order to: raise awareness of religious diversity; share the (inter)faith stories of these communities; and explore the spirituality of interfaith pilgrimage.

I have already completed trips to AK, WA, MT, and OR.  Throughout the USA, I will visit a different religious community (even humanist/atheist groups). The goal of this trip is to tell the stories of these diverse religious communities and chronicle the corss-country motorycle adventure, or interfaith pilgrimage, if you will. I will create a blog and publish a book telling the stories of my adventure. The blog and book will be the thesis of my Doctor of Ministry program focusing on ministry in the multifaith context.  The book will focus on my interfaith enounters with these communities and their stories, and the spirituality of adventure and pilgrimage.


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